FS19 PC FPS problems

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Re: FS19 PC FPS problems

Post by IceUul » Wed May 29, 2019 7:21 am

svkb wrote:
Tue May 28, 2019 4:12 pm
IceUul wrote:
Tue May 28, 2019 10:14 am
Problem solved.

2. Giants ingame machines are in unpacked format on HDD, in FS17 helped me to prevent stutter if i unpacked
all my mods in mod folder (repack with store option might help also). In FS19 i started with unpacked mods, so i do not know the difference.
What do you mean by unpacked mods? I though any mod you put in the mod folder had to be zipped???
In multiplayer - Yes, also need to use the same filename, otherwise mod will not work in multiplayer games.

In single player it needs to look like this: \mods\<mod folder name> or \mods\<modname>.zip
You need to extract the files to \mods\<mod folder name>\<files> . Does not matter what is the folder name, some maps
does not work, when you change the initial name.
Anyway.... the data folder in FS19 game folder looks same, there are folder vehicles or something, under there are brands, then names and there are files inside, all unpacked. Basically you can drop your mods there also, then they look like ingame items, but multiplayer might not work anymore after that. Also you can edit xml files inside there. Basically redo the entire equipment lineup. Just to remember that game reinstall will delete all your changes and game does not support multiplayer anymore.

Why to unpack mods? - to fast edit xml-s mods, if you do not play in multiplayer.
Why to unpack/repack mods? - to get better loading times, because your PC does not need to unpack the files. If you do repack use the "store" option, do not choose option called "best compression", basically do not compress files, just store them as zips or open folders. This means less work for your CPU/HDD and means better running game.

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Re: FS19 PC FPS problems

Post by cwattyeso » Wed May 29, 2019 11:24 am

Unzipping Mods in your Mod Folder is a very bad practice to advise people to do. This could lead to a lot more problems for players and break a lot of mods and maps, because your changing filepaths by doing this. On maps especially this will likely break a lot of functionality and how items appear because of the way the author has set up the links to these items in the maps xml files or i3d files. You say "Why to unpack mods? - to fast edit xml-s mods, if you do not play in multiplayer." again you don't need to do this if your PC has 7Zip installed (Pretty much certain if running Windows10 as it comes with it) and have NotePad++ or have set 7Zip to point to your text editor of choice, you can load and edit the xml files directly within the zip. Anyway back to why unzipping a mod will likely break things for a player.

For example a map has its own custom silo for the players to store crops in. That silo is referenced in the i3d and the defaultitems.xml of the map with the filepath "$moddir$FS19_DondiegoMap/maps/placeables/farmSiloKomplex.xml" this tells the game to look for this item by going to the Mod Folder, opening the FS19_DondiegomMap.zip file and then browsing that for the maps folder, then placeables and finally finding the farmSiloKomplex.xml.

Now if you took this map and for example unzipped it to a folder in your ModFile for example we'll just call "Unzipped Map" for the same silo to appear in game when the player loads the map, you would have to change the filepath in a couple of files to now direct the game to look in the folder "$moddir$Unzipped_Map/FS_19DondiegoMap/maps/placeables/farmSiloKomplex.xml" for it to show up in game. No no offence to anyone but that is probably beyond the scope for a lot of people who play the game. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, imagine then changing the filepaths for textures, shaders etc for the models and objects within a map, in the i3d file. Yes you can edit the paths with a text editor if you know what you are doing, or you have the longer much for painful task of opening the i3d file with the Editor and going through every object to change path to point to where you've unzipped the mods textures to.

Now I don't disagree with the notion that mods downloaded from different sites, different authors may have issues where zip files have different levels of compression, have been packaged with different settings and therefore that could put additional strain on a system reading these files in game. However it's not going to make much difference to FPS or Performance because to be fair you are more limited by the game only using 3 cores and it also doesn't go above 30% cpu usage and 50% gpu, it's not a great engine for utilising and maximising the system a player has available to it. For many people the reading of zip files whilst playing will be performed comfortably by the other available cores and CPU percentage that is free whilst the game is running. However it can be a good idea to maybe unzip mods and then re-zip them yourself using what compression settings you are happy with and to ensure parity then that all the mods in your mod folder have same compression type so they will be read at the same speed.

FPS and Performance drops in game are probably more likely caused by bad quality mods and maps, where an author hasn't optimised them properly or incorrectly uses a lot of RAW files rather then the game's preferred format for example using PNG files instead of DDS, WAV files instead of OGG. Also many times I come across mods that have really bad texture setup, a author uses a 100kb diffuse file, then for whatever reason their normal file comes in at 900kb and their specular file also 900kb, this shows they are doing something very wrong when creating their textures or the software they are using to generate their normal and speculars is set wrong. As all the textures should be the same size. If an author takes that one object and uses it multiple times in the case of a map for example your going to be using an unnecessary 1600kb of data each time it appears.
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Re: FS19 PC FPS problems

Post by IceUul » Wed May 29, 2019 1:46 pm

The game treats ".zip" files and folders same inside the mod folder, so as long you keep the folder name same, it will not broke:
FarmingSimulator19\Mods\EstanciaLapacho.zip\<textures> (inside zip file).
Are same!

Not sure about FS19 performance, never tested it. But it changed a lot in FS17.
Also as you mentioned, better to keep the files zipped if possible.

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Re: FS19 PC FPS problems

Post by Lee66 » Fri May 31, 2019 11:05 am

Honestly, you shouldn't be trying to convince others to unzip mods/maps in the mod folder as it's not recommended and can lead to many issues for players that are not experience yet will still try it.

I've been trying and 'tweaking' mods for all FS titles and many other games for a 'very' long time and couldn't have explained it better than cwattyeso did. And tbh, pulling an xml file out of a zip to adjust it, then copying it back into the zip file is easy, and more effective. The only time I unzip a mod is to change textures and/or change trigger sizes, resize elements etc.

Oh and a very good free zip program is; PeaZip, and I always use Notepad++

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