PS4 controller

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PS4 controller

Post by Nbhubbard96 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:16 am

I switched from an Xbox one controller to a PS4 controller on my pc and now some of the controls don’t work such as in the menu or in the store. Is there any setting to change to switch controllers

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Re: PS4 controller

Post by Way2drunk2walk » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:13 am

I use a program called Input Mapper. It fools windows into thinking the PS4 controller is a Xbox controller. I don't think that the PS4 controller will work properly on its own but I could be wrong.
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Re: PS4 controller

Post by Guil » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:35 pm

PS4 control works fine on windows now as far as I know, before you needed to use third party software.

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Re: PS4 controller

Post by W1der » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:48 pm

Just to make sure ...

You know about the controls menu in the game, where you can map your buttons manually?
Unfortunately GIANTS left some functions out of it but most can be found.
The ones missing can be changed in the inputBinding.xml


The ones you are talking about (!?) should be mappable in the menu though (visible at the bottom of the picture above).
Or are you referring to the D-pad buttons to navigate around?

I think these are the lines in the xml that needs to be changed manually.

Code: Select all

 <!-- AXES  -->
    <actionBinding action="MENU_AXIS_UP_DOWN">
        <binding device="KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT" input="KEY_up" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT" input="KEY_down" axisComponent="-" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="0_046D-C262-9603-XFw/XEhJRCNWSURfMDQ2RCZQSURfQzI2MiZDb2wwMSM4JjI0MjAyNmM1JjAmMDAwMCN7NGQxZTU1YjItZjE2Zi0xMWNmLTg4Y2ItMDAxMTExMDAwMDMwfQA=" input="BUTTON_17" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="0_046D-C262-9603-XFw/XEhJRCNWSURfMDQ2RCZQSURfQzI2MiZDb2wwMSM4JjI0MjAyNmM1JjAmMDAwMCN7NGQxZTU1YjItZjE2Zi0xMWNmLTg4Y2ItMDAxMTExMDAwMDMwfQA=" input="BUTTON_19" axisComponent="-" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="0_XINPUT_GAMEPAD" input="AXIS_2-" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="2"/>
        <binding device="0_XINPUT_GAMEPAD" input="AXIS_2+" axisComponent="-" neutralInput="0" index="2"/>
    <actionBinding action="MENU_AXIS_LEFT_RIGHT">
        <binding device="KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT" input="KEY_left" axisComponent="-" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT" input="KEY_right" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="0_046D-C262-9603-XFw/XEhJRCNWSURfMDQ2RCZQSURfQzI2MiZDb2wwMSM4JjI0MjAyNmM1JjAmMDAwMCN7NGQxZTU1YjItZjE2Zi0xMWNmLTg4Y2ItMDAxMTExMDAwMDMwfQA=" input="BUTTON_18" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="0_046D-C262-9603-XFw/XEhJRCNWSURfMDQ2RCZQSURfQzI2MiZDb2wwMSM4JjI0MjAyNmM1JjAmMDAwMCN7NGQxZTU1YjItZjE2Zi0xMWNmLTg4Y2ItMDAxMTExMDAwMDMwfQA=" input="BUTTON_20" axisComponent="-" neutralInput="0" index="1"/>
        <binding device="0_XINPUT_GAMEPAD" input="AXIS_1+" axisComponent="+" neutralInput="0" index="2"/>
        <binding device="0_XINPUT_GAMEPAD" input="AXIS_1-" axisComponent="-" neutralInput="0" index="2"/>
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Re: PS4 controller

Post by Nbhubbard96 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:41 am

I got it to work right with a cord connecting it to my computer but I was trying to use it wirelessly with the adapter from Sony

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