[READ] Server list bugs

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[READ] Server list bugs

Post by Bandit188 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:14 am

- PC/Mac/PS4/XB1: PC
- Vehicle/Tool/Model/Object: none
- Issue: Servers names are dull hard to see and on a 1920x1080 screen theres a space under the servers names what could be used more
- Single- or Multiplayer: Multiplayer
- Steps to reproduce: Go look at the server list
- Does it happen on a standard map without mods yes

Screenshot Image

I mean Can you REALLY see the NAMES? I mean i have glasses but come on. Also like i say Why is Half of the box of the list of server names not been used?
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Re: Server list bugs

Post by x Lethian x » Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:33 am

Hi Bandit!

Is this still an issue with the latest patch in
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