DRW210 - Fligel trailer bug

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DRW210 - Fligel trailer bug

Post by baronbloood » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:06 am

Only testen on xbox one, any map and without any mods.


If you load a fertilizer pallet in DPW210 trailer, transport, then unload.

If you then drive away then the pallet follows you on the ground, on the side.....

Eazy to reproduce, happends every time.
To reproduce you need :

Tractor connected to DPW210
Unfold DPW210
Load DPW210 with fertilizer pallet (with ex telehandler)
Fold DPW210
Unfold DPW210
Unload the pallet

If you then fold DPW210 the pallet follows you around on the outside of the trailer.

Let me know if i have to explain better.