Vehicle wear missing or incomplete

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Vehicle wear missing or incomplete

Post by Farmer_Mike » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:24 am

I will not do a full list because this is something that needs to be looked at across the whole range. The new wear feature was added but some vehicles do not have it and some are done with no thought.

1 - Both the Lizard milk tankers have no wear at all on them.
2 - The large tanker has the side marker arms at the front yet no markers added.
3 - The dolly hitch and most saddle hitches show no wear on the most obvious place. I mean come on this rubs all day long.

I might also mention that it is disappointing to see the hoses added after being a mod for years and still only some vehicles have them.
They are not on semi trailer hitches and I do not believe they are even on any of the 'mods' that Giants have released.
Why add a feature and not even use it yourself?

I know these are not bugs and they are more a little bit of poor development but this is the best place to have these seen I think as general rarely has any replies from giants outside of forum moderators and this is very sad.

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