RPM issue on multiplayer

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RPM issue on multiplayer

Post by TyKonKet » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:38 pm

I found this issue on PC on a multiplayer game without mods.
The vehicles's RPMs seems totally wrong on multiplayer, most of vehicles I tried are not able to reach more than 1200-1400 RPM.
This cause also a very tedious issue with sounds, even when the motor is under an heavy load, since the RPM doesen't goes up enough, the sound is very ugly compared to the same vehicle on single player.
If you want try that, you can easily hear that issue on the Fendt 900 series.

I've tested some vehicles by collecting RPMs in five different motor load situations both on SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer:
IDLE: The vehicle is turned on but it's stationary
LIGHT: The cruise control is active at 10 kph and the vehicle is running on a flat surface
HEAVY: The cruise control is active at maximum speed and the vehicle is stuck on a static object (such as a wall)
LIGHT PTO: The vehicle is stationary but it's powering a light PTO equipment, the Garant Kotte VE8000 (ptoRpm="400")
HEAVY PTO: The vehicle is stationary but it's powering an heavy PTO equipment, the Jenz HEM 583 Z (ptoRpm="600")

Let's show some tests:

Case IH Optum Series

John Deere 7R Series

Fendt 1000 Vario

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Re: RPM issue on multiplayer

Post by Psistorm » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:28 pm

That explains a lot. I never played single player in 19 yet, rather started a server with friends, but I did notice that say, the Bizon at full speed only pitches up the engine noise, while once the combine engages, the engine sound changes entirely. Same for many tractors, it sounds like more of a pitch shift when speeding up and reving up like that, whereas load changes to a more meaty sound. Nice to hear that a better sound experience exists in the game, hopefully it can be fixed! And thanks for the thorough tests