[READ] Collisions on Grass bales

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[READ] Collisions on Grass bales

Post by Ritchie » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:22 am

I've had a couple of instances where grass bales are not able to be picked up with a front loader bale spike. This is using the NH round baler.
The first time was on a baling contract on Felsbrun where the created bales were completely solid so that the forks could not penetrate them. I've had this happen in FS17 also but only on certain mod maps and a restart of the game fixed the problem, I think this may have been using the same NH baler.
The second time was when I created bales from the grass areas surrounding the two starter fields on Felsbrun and there was no collisions on them at all (i.e. the forks and tractor could drive straight through them).

I was able to use a bale wrapper in both instances and the bales then acted as they should and could be picked up. I've not experienced this on hay or straw bales as far as I can remember.

As this was happening on FS17 occasionally with, as far as I can remember, the same baler the baler could be the problem?

I'm on PS4 Pro but had this happening on a gen1 PS4 on FS17 occasionally.