MOD: Game crash when reconfiguring Case IH Puma while Big Bud 450 is used

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MOD: Game crash when reconfiguring Case IH Puma while Big Bud 450 is used

Post by SteelRodent » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:58 pm

- PC/Mac/PS4/XB1: PC

- Vehicle/Tool/Model/Object: Case IH Puma 240 CVX / Repair shack placeable / Big Bug 450 (Giants mod) / South American map (Giants mod)

- Issue: If Big Bud 450 is purchased on the map, then attempting to reconfigure the wheels on the Case IH Puma by the placeable repair shack causes the game to crash. I can order the wheels, but when reaching the confirmation dialogue the game locks up/stops responding and Windows shuts it down.

I have not tried other permutations, but as soon as I sold the Big Bud the game stopped crashing. And I didn't test if this happens with any of the other tractors.

- Single- or Multiplayer: Single - unable to try it in MP.

- Steps to reproduce:
Establish South American farm with the placeable repair shack ( I doubt the location matters, but I have it in the central yard where the storage shed was originally ). Outfit Case IH Puma with wide wheels (or possibly any wheels that are not double, I have not tested that).

1. buy Big Bud 450 configured with wide wheels.
2. Put it to work with hired help (I tried to cultivate the merged field 4-5-6 using Väderstad Carrier XL 825).
3. Drive the Case IH Puma up to the repair shack and attempt to change the wheels to doubles (both ends).

I've reliably crashed the game 4 times this way. Since I'm worried about corrupting the save I haven't tested if all possible wheel configurations cause the crash.

- Does it happen on a standard map without mods: No. It ONLY happens when the Big Bug 450 is purchased and loaded on the map. Even with all my mods active, this only happens if the Big Bud is part of the owned vehicles.
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