TerraGator 9205 not fertilising fields with AI or Courseplay Workers

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TerraGator 9205 not fertilising fields with AI or Courseplay Workers

Post by cwattyeso » Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:51 pm

Have purchased the TerraGator mod today and have discovered a weird issue with it. When driven manually by myself it functions just fine. However if I assign a AI Worker to it and leave it to do a field, or setup and run a course with a Courseplay Worker with it, then it doesn't seem to function, or it functions bizarrely. It looks from the outside to be fully functioning and spraying manure everywhere, yet when checking the field it's not actually applying manure to the field or is doing it in patchy places.


When I check the map in the PDA after letting it work an entire field I discover this mess where it's missed huge chunks of the field and as you can see it's not because the field has any previous fertilisation state. It's been ploughed and is being fertilised for the first time, so no reason why the Terragator should not apply manure to the field. Like I say watching it, it's visible spreading manure, though the fill count is not going down and it's not because I have the AI set to buy Manure.

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