Man TGX Tanker - Game Locks Up on Save

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Man TGX Tanker - Game Locks Up on Save

Post by cwattyeso » Thu May 09, 2019 3:39 pm

Playing the game today and had the stuck on Saving Game Error / Save Folder Deleted on game exit error after buying and purchasing the new Man TGX Tanker in game from the recent ModHub release. The exact same thing happens just like with the Man IT Runner Truck these mods do not play nice if you have Courseplay installed. So just a heads up people that another ModHub Release has something wrong with it, and if I was a betting man I'd say it's because it is because of all this extra crap that appears in the Mod:
<type name="man_milk" parent="base" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="ikChains" />
<specialization name="wheels" />
<specialization name="crawlers" />
<specialization name="slopeCompensation" />
<specialization name="speedRotatingParts" />
<specialization name="enterable" />
<specialization name="fillUnit" />
<specialization name="motorized" />
<specialization name="drivable" />
<specialization name="aiVehicle" />
<specialization name="aiImplement" />
<specialization name="articulatedAxis" />
<specialization name="lights" />
<specialization name="attacherJoints" />
<specialization name="powerTakeOffs" />
<specialization name="suspensions" />
<specialization name="connectionHoses" />
<specialization name="honk" />
<specialization name="wipers" />
<specialization name="fillVolume" />
<specialization name="frontloaderAttacher" />
<specialization name="bunkerSiloCompacter" />
<specialization name="fillTriggerVehicle" />
<specialization name="waterTrailer" />
<specialization name="dischargeable" />

I really wish Giants would look more closely at these mods and stop author's from making up their own custom functions and vehicle types and make them just use the standard game ones for compatibility with many other mods that have been released. Especially when this Save Error / Deletion of Save Files issue is quite a serious one.
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