Heston Big Balers

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Heston Big Balers

Post by sm5gfy » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:35 pm

I love this mod, thank you ARM team. However the produced bales have an annoying problem with straps. Straps seems to do their job but does not reach over the bales but lay flat on the floor under the bales.

Quoting the author of the Easy Autoload Mod: "... they (the bales) seem to lack a meshNodes entry (not to be confused with meshNode singular) on the bale object itself when ingame. Without a meshNodes value, tension belts will not recognize the bale as being compatible."

Edit: In another forum I found this solution:

"I found that with the Heston bales that the author neglected to make the baleGrass121324_vis also straw and hay bales, index path0>1 a CPU mesh.. If you look at the shape in the attributes window you will see that the CPUmesh is not checked. Clicking on this will make the belts recognize the Hesston bales."

I went into GE for each bale type (grass, straw and hay) located the Attributes and checked the CPU Mesh box under the Shape tab. After that the straps are now working.