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Multiplayer issues on PS4

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:33 pm
by Shootsum
My friends and I have been experiencing multiple issues on multiplayer. Here is a list of all the issues we have came across. Severe lag, crops not growing in spots, showing the wrong planted crops on the map, cant equip chainsaws, trees reappearing after you cut them down, horses being different colors than what they are supposed to be, getting error messages from time to time, log forks glitch out, vehicles float in the air, players fall in the map, and I am sure I have left some out. I will get with my friends to see what else I need to add to the list of issues we have. Any help with this would be awesome. My friends and I love the game but we only try to play multiplayer 1 time a week, hoping it has been fixed when we get back on it. Thanks in advance.