The Family Gaming !! Midwest Horizon Dedi

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The Family Gaming !! Midwest Horizon Dedi

Post by TheOgBigSmomke » Tue May 07, 2019 4:20 am

My friend and i have Created a Dedicated Server For large scale Farming operations on the Midwest Horizon Map.
We have an 8 Slot Server with 6 Slots Open. You can Start your own farm/logging/animal service or work on pre-existing one.
pretty laid back server not to heavy on the modd. (modlist can be found when joining game) first come first serve as far as positions with expansion in the future if needed. Server is based out of USA East coast. English speaking players only.

We have the lobby to open but we will not be adding you as a player until we speak in discord first

Server: The Family Dedicated Server

As for me and i can get you set up with the discord tags you need so you can access the mod link.