Fenton Forest Estate 24/7 16 Slots - 2 Farm manager positions left!

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Fenton Forest Estate 24/7 16 Slots - 2 Farm manager positions left!

Post by ChickenDipper » Sat May 23, 2020 11:55 pm

Hi Farm simmers!

Fenton Forest Estate is a 16 slot 24/7 server based in the EU.
Own your own farm and grow your estate with us , there are now 2 farm manager positions available!
Please let me know if you are interested in joining and I will send you an invite to the discord server

Field flipping is removed, land that is not owned by a farm will be owned by the estate agent until sold.
There are a number of contract farms, these are not for sale so contracts will never stop generating.
The server has been setup to be fun and a challenge at the same time, with no cheating.
Always open to mod suggestions and suggestions in general.

Server settings
* Map: Fenton Forest
* 5 Fields per farm
* 6 Contract farms
* Start from scratch
* 1 million starting funds
* Timescale: x5
* Economic Difficulty: Easy
* Traffic: On
* Dirt: Normal
* Auto Engine Start: On
* Stop and go braking: On
* Fuel Usage: Normal
* Helper Refill: Off
* Plant Growth: Custom
* Plant Withering: Off
* Crop Destruction: Off
* Periodic Plowing Required: On
* Lime Required: On
* Weeds: Off

Added Realism For Vehicles
Added Realism For Vehicles Dynamic Dirt
Addon Straw Harvest
Bale Storage Sheds
CSZ Equipment Pack
Fendt 500 Favorit Generations Pack
Fendt 800 Favorit
Fendt Farmer 300
Fenton Forest 4X By Stevie V1.50.1
Fliegl TPW Bale Trailer Set
Follow Me
Ford Pack
GlobalCompany - Bio Fertilizer Plant by Stevie
GlobalCompany - Composting Plant
GlobalCompany - Diesel Production
GlobalCompany - Diesel Store by Stevie
GlobalCompany - Digesting Silo
GlobalCompany - Drying Silo
GlobalCompany - Fermenting Silo
GlobalCompany - Wood Chipper by Stevie
GlobalCompany Addon Icons
Guidance Steering
Hesston Big Balers
Ideal Extension
John Deere 2623 Disc
John Deere 6m
John Deere 6X10
John Deere 7010 Pack
John Deere 7030 Series
John Deere 8970
John Deere 9600 - 9610
John Deere Gator Pack
Kotte TSA 3000 by Stevie
LSFM Universal Tank Pack
MAN 33 414 6x6 Pack
Manure System
Manure System Lagoon
New Holland CR Series
New Holland T5 Series
New Holland T7 AC Series
New Holland TM Series
New Holland/Ford 40 series
Placeable Buying Stations
Real Dirt Color
Real Dirt Fix
Realistic Steering
SIM Dashboard Interface
Stallkamp Pump
T7 Series
Unknown Mod Name
Volvo F L60-L90 And tools
Welcome Sign
Welcome Sign
Zunhammer Tripod Hopper

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Re: Fenton Forest Estate 24/7 16 Slots - 2 Farm manager positions left!

Post by TommyLee » Fri May 29, 2020 10:07 pm


I am fairly fresh FS19 player, 45 yo, looking for mature group to play the game with.
In case you are interested, do send me PM.


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