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[FS19] How to report a bug

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:03 pm
by Myricaria
Hello everyone,

if you spot a bug in Farming Simulator 19 Version 1.5.X and up, please report them in this forum. Simply create a new topic for your bug, or respond to an existing one to add to a bug that has already been reported. (Please SEARCH first before reporting)
(If you bought the disc version, please patch your game first!)

Use the form below for a better overview:

Code: Select all

- PC/Mac/PS4/XB1:
- Vehicle/Tool/Model/Object:
- Issue:
- Single- or Multiplayer:
- Steps to reproduce:
- Does it happen on a standard map without mods yes/no 
- Which vehicles & machines are involved: 
PC players: We need your log file. Please include it in your report

Please post only one bug per topic. Got more bugs? Then please open several topics. This will help our QA team to keep track of the bugs

It's important that the bug is reproducable. Otherwise we might not be able to analyze and comprehend it. So please try to be as precise as possible with your descriptions.
You may attach your log.txt file to your post. Images or short videos showing the bug are always welcome as well!


Once you've posted a bug, we will add one of the four following tags to the post, letting you know what status your problem is in. Depending on its processing status we will move the threads to the subforums.

The following tags will be used:


Read means exactly this. One of the GIANTS guys has seen your post, but we haven't done anything with it, yet. This usually means, QA is testing the problem and trying to replicate it in order to find out what's wrong.

Solved can mean two different things. First: If a bug disappeared all the sudden, it's solved (sometimes a simple reboot can work wonders). The 2nd version would be, that we've fixed the problem on our internal servers and that it will be solved for our players in a future patch. Please keep in mind: SOLVED can mean, that you are still experiencing the issue, as long as we haven't patched the game.

Once our QA team verified a problem, they will send a report to our game devs and the devs will look into this. At this point, a problem becomes a KNOWN ISSUE. That basically means: We know about it and we are working on a solution.

That's for mods only. As we are not fixing mods ourselves, we will inform the modder that a problem with his mod came up. Once that's done, we will flag the thread as FORWARDED to let you know that we made the modder aware.

We will use won't fix if the reported bug has almost no game impact and therefore, is not a priority for us at this point. A fix can make it into the game at a later time.

We use this if we need further information. Please chck the thread and provide the msising information, if possible.


As you can see, we have some subforums above where you can't create threads. We move the threads to the subforums according to their processing status. If you can't find your thread look for it in on of the subforums.

There you will find all bug reports we fixed.

Known Issues
The bugs could be reproduced and were forwarded to our developers so that they could take care of the problem.

More Infos required
Threads that end up here are incomplete, or we still have questions or need more informations from the player.

Low Priority
For bugs that are not essential for the gameplay, we move them here. They can still find their way into the game at a later time.

Re: [FS19] How to report a bug

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:22 pm
by Myricaria
We use this if we need further information. Please check the thread and provide the msising information, if possible.