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[FS19] Known Issue List

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:04 pm
by Lisertan
  • Terrain will not change back after selling a placeable/stable – Our new TerraForming-Feature is in the works though and will be delivered via a later patch. You will be able to edit the terrain inGame by then. To avoid this for now, save the game and then place the building/placeable. If you don’t like the outcome, reload the savegame you just saved before.
  • Controls might get blocked while creating farms in MP using the mouse to enter the text boxes. To avoid, use the keyboard only while creating a farm for now – this will be fixed in an upcoming patch (verified).
  • Black/Grey lines might appear/flicker briefly across the screen in random situations.
  • Map states/filters can take a little time to sync properly in MP games and may appear as stripes before that. To avoid this, just wait a little while before opening up the map menu directly after joining a MP game.
  • Swaths might spawn with a little delay in MP.
  • Players can get stuck when covering a silo while standing on it. To avoid this, get down from the chaff heap and stand next to it while covering it.
  • Fill planes inside of silos might be higher than the silo walls. To avoid this, don’t fill up the silos all the way at the top.
  • Vehicles seem like they don’t always use their full working width due to our field grid inGame. To avoid this, try placing the tool/worker as perfect as possible on the field’s edge.
  • Birds might be stuck on objects/ground at times
  • Small red fissures/lines might be visible at certain distances on very small edges.
  • Water shader renders parts of the character’s hair invisible while underwater.

Re: [FS19] Known Issue List

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:54 am
by Lisertan
New known issues:

Known Issues:
Disappearing animals
We’re currently aware that some of you’re having an issue regarding disappearing animals in a dedicated server.We’ve already reproduced this issue, and it will be fixed in the future.

Horses price issue

Eggs did not appear correctly

Unlimited food after cleaning in front of a trough

The mower BIG M450 can’t be refueled

The header NH 3162 Draper 45ft doesn’t work well with NH CR10.90

Väderstad Tempo V 8 doesn’t work well in slopes

Clients have access to all vehicles from all farms

Players are unable to start their dedicated server

Player camera is desynced from vehicle/log spammed with error