PS4 Shop Controls

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PS4 Shop Controls

Post by Crysis19 » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:06 pm

May have been reported before, but couldn't see anything on the Known List.

I've noticed this on tractors that have color options. If you go to an option below the colors and switch it, the cursor jumps off. And you have to press up/down a few times on the L-stick to get back to where you can select another option.

Not seeing this on a video with the Xbox version, so seems like this is an error with the PS4 only. It's super annoying, to be honest.

For a video on this happening, albeit not much, here is a youtube link:

It's around 2:10 that he is in the shop looking at the Syn Trac options and you can see the highlighted option, in this cause under the Default (which switches to Standardadapter A/B/C) that each time you switch it, the cursor jumps somewhere else.