AI fieldwork over-run/run-out very very bad

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AI fieldwork over-run/run-out very very bad

Post by prjindigo » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:45 am

Even the smallest of tools are requiring 10 to 15m of run-out and some tools are requiring absurd amounts like the Salford 4204 which is literally requiring the AI stop 30 meters from the end of a field.

Additionally the AI seems completely unable to choose a damned pattern to use, sometimes going 3x further out of the field than necessary.

VehicleAI's (FS17 addon) code is far far superior to this and even FS15's in-game code is better.

You don't fix what isn't broken when you're doing other things. It was perfectly fine to use FS17's AI operator and UI integrator for game controllers - especially in the latter since FS17's worked perfectly.

This stupid artificial buffer around objects like the flag pole are useless.

Additionally with AI there are problems like with combines refusing to resume when a tractor is BEHIND them. Lots of either slop or dumb in the code. I'd suggest a group meeting to compare the code 1:1 with FS17 and then go see about getting the "combine round" code from VehicleAI to include since it's only a type of code we've been requesting since FS11.

As is the solution of having CropDestruction turn off for AI means you COULD just have them use the in-field U-turn all the time instead of having them run downhill around a tree and get stuck in a pond 90 meters from where they were working.

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Re: AI fieldwork over-run/run-out very very bad

Post by livesea72 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:15 am

I did not have one issue with the ai at first it seemed a bit better than 17s but as of early last week after a hotfix was applied to fix contracts the ai will wonder off and even fertilize ai owned fields or get stuck where it didn't get stuck the first 30 hours.
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Re: AI fieldwork over-run/run-out very very bad

Post by wontbeback » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:10 pm

I can concur. The AI Helper is completely incapable of using half the tools and implements. Right this second I'm watching it reverse in circles and do figure eights trying to turn a Joker around at the end of a field.
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Re: AI fieldwork over-run/run-out very very bad

Post by svkb » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:35 pm

The Joker implement is horrible, I mentioned it in another thread. I haven't tried it with other tractors but using a JD 7R, it will either reverse endlessly ending up way far away from where it should be OR it will try to make the turn backup and jackknife itself before actually completing the turn.
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