Safe mod sites

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Safe mod sites

Post by Princeguardian » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:33 am

I would like to inquire about some safe mod sites. Of course the safest mod site to get mods from is the giants website. However with my pc i occasionally like to find other mods that aren't hosted on the giants modhub. In years past most of the john deere mods were never on the giants modhub.
Today i downloaded an amazing map Richland County from While its downloading im looking through the popup trending clickme over here portion of the page i see the BSM raubalt stump grinder. Updated for fs19, but not uploaded to by BSM. Instantly i felt terrible. I've downloaded mods from this site before because if its straight from their site i have never gotten any bugs. Sure there are kiddy mods on the site which should have sent up red flags for me but i scrolled past them. Who really needs a 3m planter that plants 75m. But this mod really burned me. Somebody had taken someone else's mod and uploaded as their own. I enjoy seeing what other mods are out there and not on the official modhub but is there some safe places to download some of those mods where i don't have to worry about rip offs. I truly feel sorry for not trying harder to find good mod sites.
One place that i have seen mentioned is american eagle modding and also fsuk There are good mods on there that seem to come from reputable modders. Are there other more reputable sites out there? Can we complie a list so no one ever has to go through the guilty feeling im having today of downloading a mod from someplace not as reputable as i thought.
Tldr. Mod sites for pc that are of a good reputation!

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Drmattymd » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:44 am

I get what you are saying and agree with you, however, MOST of those mods get posted as conversions with credit still going to the original creator. I tend to stay away from them simply becasue I dont feel its going to be as good as the original though. My concern would be that it would discourage the actual modder from making a new version of the mod themselves
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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Princeguardian » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:03 am

Thats why im asking where to go to find the originals. I've pulled up tons of different sites that seem the same, all knock offs, and it used to not bother me as much. But now suddenly i have downloaders remorse!

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by vertstartail79 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:00 am

seems like mod devs like facebook groups to share mods. I'd say dig around there.

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Way2drunk2walk » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:48 am

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by crash » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:26 am

Search for creators on Facebook...
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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by pingu » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:57 am

"Safe" in terms of not getting hit with tons of malware/crapware/adware if you are on Windows? Then I'll guess only Modhub and some big well-know fan sites like FS-UK is safe.

"Safe" in terms of knowing that what you download is not 'stolen' and reposted by someone else without proper credit or even against the original creators wish? Is there really any site that is safe from that? Person B find a mod made by person A. Person A says that the mod is given away for free and that anyone can change it and do what they want with it. And person B does that and post it on some site. Along come person C and claims to be the original creator, and that person B stole the mod. Who is to blame and who gets the blame?

Does distributing mods on same walled-garden place like Facebook and Modhub change the real issues here about people uploading mods and claim credit for something they didn't do?

Will there be some sort of certificate system that can make mods unusable in FS if altered by anyone except the original creator?

Just curious about what modders feels about this whole situation.
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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Tomazius96 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:07 am

The safest way to get mods is directly from modders. There is plenty of them on the Facebook: try to search for Seriousmods, Blue Line Modding, Custom Modding, KMN Modding, TORK Modding. And there is a ton of others. These guys are mostly for US style mods. I usually find good mods also on sites like: Modding Welt, LS-company, FBM mods, or LSportal.

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by MarkSH » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:35 pm

pingu wrote:
Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:57 am
"Safe" in terms of knowing that what you download is not 'stolen' and reposted by someone else without proper credit or even against the original creators wish? Is there really any site that is safe from that?
I would presume that the official modhub would do that. At the very least the actual person submitting it would be known and identified, so if they did just take someone else's mod and call it their own, the actual author could tell GIANTS and they would sic the police on them for infringement (or pass on the details so the original author can do so) given proof of authorship.

For me "safe" means "no downloader app". But that's because I don't trust any site that requires a spy app with adware in it to pay for the site. If it's worth money then either I'll turn adblock off or pay if it's very worth it.

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Addictedtofs » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:24 pm

Here's what I don't understand about mod theft... Let's set up a scenario, ok? So lets say I'm making hats. All colors and all sizes, with my logo on them. (I don't have a logo, but bear with me) I start giving them away, for free, too individuals in my neighborhood. I worked hard to make them, sure, but for whatever reason, I don't feel the need to charge for them.

One day, while visiting a store on the other side of town, I see someone wearing one of my hats. I ask them where they got it and they tell me that one of neighbors gave it as a gift. Furthermore, that very neighbor, was making hats that were very similar to my design. Is that theft? Did I realistically have any claim over said hats? The answer is no. I'd be laughed out of a courtroom if I tried to sue. So, my question is this: How are mods any different than the hypothetical hats?
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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by TaintedBlackCat » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:30 pm

Not sure? Has anyone done copyright law at university or college? It's defiantly a touchy subject in the modding community. Can anyone clear up this subject?
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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by cwattyeso » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:40 pm

I believe there would be a claim in your example above about the Hats that you would have Intellectual Property Rights providing you had documented during your conception of the idea to produce and sell hats and at various stages during the production of said hats with enough time stamped data. If your Neighbour's produced Hats showed they had used part of or all of your idea or design you would have grounds for a claim against that individual.

When it comes to Modding and Mods I think everyone should be respectful to modders and certainly respect their rights to upload and distribute the content they have put time into producing via the site or platform that they wish to use and if a modder makes it perfectly clear in a statement they do not want their work distributed or uploaded to another platform or site then people should respect that. Even if the modder's said site or platform is not one you wish to use, you should not steal the content and re-upload it on another site. This is what annoys me about many of the Mod Sites out there and I've really begun to notice it a lot on that nearly all the mods uploaded there are done without the actual original modders input or permission. It's very easy to see the bots that are searching the internet for content, stealing it and re-uploading it as they have a ridiculous amount of mods uploaded in a short space of time, the descriptions are often in different languages, and they never ever reply or respond to the questions or comments left on the mods. I also know a few modders who as already mentioned only upload and distribute their mods via a facebook page or google drive account, yet there work appears very shortly after they release a new mod on these sites. Yes the bots/site admins edit and adjust the descriptions to try and remove a modders telltale trademarks that identify them, but once you download the mod it becomes pretty evident they've just stolen it as sometimes the zip file name will include the original author's name and if not that then usually the moddesc.xml and the mod file xml inside the zip will usually have all the orginal author's details which the bot or person responsible for the theft isn't clever enough to know how to edit to change.
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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by wiseguy49 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:10 pm

Look I'm telling you right now what I'm about to write is not going to be the most popular thing and if you are easily offended you may want to stop reading now. But the bottom line is that there are people, whether they want to admit it or not, who will 100% agree with what I'm about to say even if they don't have the gonads to admit it.

I'm going to download what I want, from wherever I want, no matter what 'site' it pops up on. I consider myself to be very computer savvy and no one is going to 'get me with a virus' or some bs like that. In fact with all the mods I've downloaded, I've never once come across one that had a virus. Anyway, of course I'm going to support the original creator if they put their mods out. But the hard fact is, they probably won't. How many of BSM (for example) mods do you think are going to be converted by them from FS17 to 19? If I see one on those sites that someone else did, if I want it, I'll download it. When I check it, if it has warnings or errors, I'll do my best to fix those. I can usually fix 95% of those errors. If not, it goes in the trash. Rinse and repeat.

I make tons of edits to mods/maps all the time, but I never upload them. You'll never see me do so. But the fact is, I'm not going to be wasting my time 'waiting' for a mod that I really want when its already been done just sitting there waiting for me to click 'Download.' When the original creator makes it better (they usually do, not always), then I'll be happy to download it from the official modHub and give them their .0001 cents for my download.

The beauty is, everyone can do what they want. This is just how I choose to operate. Oh, and when your friendly neighborhood modder's PC breaks and they ask for donations so they can continue modding, you may want to think twice. B/c then when the next version of the game comes out they say they are 'done' (probably more so because GIANTS didn't give them early access or invite them to their pre-release streams) even though 99% of the people that donated to this person with the intention that they would continue to make their mods, you've just been screwed.

Ahh I had some good points until that last 'shot', but oh well someone had to do it.

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Tomazius96 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:18 pm

Well said @wiseguy49. Now expect bashing and moaning and critising on your last paragraf :lol: :gamer: :gamer:

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Re: Safe mod sites

Post by Guil » Mon Feb 04, 2019 2:26 pm

Just a word of warning to everyone, be reminded of the rules when you post.

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