Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

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Re: Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

Post by Benpe » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:02 pm

iwan073 wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 12:15 am
I think you're all over reacting.
Yes there are some bugs, but they're working on it.

Plus no game had mods right after launch. At the moment I think we can't complain about the number of mods we're getting each and every week
ca. 3 months ago. I'd love to see nerf graphics already. This is a tragedy on the console.

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Re: Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

Post by Lindydanny » Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:09 pm

I want to be hopeful that they really are working on it. However, it's been months and we are just hearing about the second patch on PC. You can't deny that many of us feel cheated and are worrying if Giants really will/can fix the game.

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Re: Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

Post by Alek-ce117 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:01 am

Seedy wrote:
Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:20 pm
Has anyone noticed a correlation between stuttering and internal vs external drive?
Interesting, this is actually constructive. I'll try out different HDMI cables, and also test the game both on internal and external storage. A bit of background here: me and my friend both have X1X, he keeps his games on the Internal Drive AND plays in 4k, on a 4k TV, plugged through a 4k capable cable. He doesn't seem to notice any Major framerate drop, whereas i install my games on an EXTERNAL ssd, play on a 1080p tv, at 1080p, with an old and cheap hdmi cable. Now guess who's running at 10-15fps when ≥2 hired workers on Ravenport. BTW between us 2 in a private multiplayer game created by me, even the revving sounds of the engines seemed to stutter when we had workers.

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Farmer Foley
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Re: Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

Post by Farmer Foley » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:39 am

Im on Xbox one X with 4k tv and sound bar and have no issues at all, but i made sure i had the best cables etc i could afford, it makes a big difference when i use my partners xbox one on a 1080HD tv.. it is noticable, i can only ssume that for whatever reason equipment plays a big part just like a PC set up?.. dunno? just my opinion..
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Re: Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

Post by Tyler62990 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:55 pm

One thing I can suggest if you're not covered by your warranty anymore is cracking it open and blowing the dust out. I can't speak from experience since I'm a PS4 guy, but it made a noticeable difference for me when I got all the dust and cat hair out of there. Once again, I can't speak from experience with the Xbox one, but I remember the 360 I had ran HOT. The cooling fans on my Buick aren't as loud as that thing was lol. Anyway, the hotter it got, the lower my fps got. Just a suggestion, but could be worth checking out.

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Re: Farm Simulator 19 Xbox One X bad frame rate

Post by FarmerWolf » Tue Dec 31, 2019 6:01 pm

I been playing a XBox and I get really bad frame rate and slow response when I cut down a field of trees. It slows way down to the point where the game is almost unplayable. It forces me to load immediately after cutting down the tree. I cannot do large piles or have them evenly spread our the trees in the field. It drives me crazy and makes me want to just give up growing trees.

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