Platinum is here what do you think

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Re: Platinum is here what do you think

Post by bossmanslim » Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:29 pm

Ekan wrote:
Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:49 pm
No universal/CV joints on all tractors exept xerion (big thumb down). Sounds are kinda meh, could been alot better (def the big wheel loader). 800/900 serie is abit "weak" Or I have played to much with the OP Fendt 1000 ;) Other then that, good pack! 3.8 of 5 rating.
Tractors just line up a bit differently that one would think. Claas, like the FS19 Deere line up, has no huge tractor to compete against the Quadtrac and MT1100. The Fendt 1000 lines up with the Xerion more than anything. This biggest problem is that there is no loader (CL 500) for the Axion 800, which is needed to really compete with the Deere 6R, Fendt 700 and CIH Puma; a big loader tractor is really nice to have on the farm.

I typically like the following "slots" for tractors in the game:
  • Something around 500 hp for primary tillage and planting as I don't really use the seedhawk or flexicoil at this time.
  • Something around 350-400 hp with a front PTO for haying and grain carts.
  • Something around 250-300 hp for a loader tractor and supporting haying if needed. This is mainly because the 150 and down tractors are slower at 40 kph.
Most of this is because the way the HP requirements work for equipment in that the game severely punishes the player for being under horsepowered, while being over horsepowered prevents a lot of issues.

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