They are making a NEW Big Bud

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They are making a NEW Big Bud

Post by Dogface »

Big Equipment Company to make new 'Big Bud' tractors

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Re: They are making a NEW Big Bud

Post by RODHA »

This is really great news. They have a brilliant vision. Cars and Farm Machinery are rapidly becoming self driving computers. We will need to have their more mechanical (so to speak) counterparts in our lives in some shape or form. Thanks a lot for sharing this Dogface :hi:
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Re: They are making a NEW Big Bud

Post by fenixguy »

This is really neat. Looking forward to seeing the final product. Not sure on the market for it, but I love the idea. I wish I could buy a simple car or truck with no turbos, no direct injection, no cylinder shut off, no auto or CVT, no infotainment system, etc... But the market says otherwise so vehicle manufacturers will continue to create more and more rolling appliances that will be in a junk yard in 10 years.

I feel like a lot of farmers have gotten used to calling up their tech guy and having them come to the farm to "fix" their equipment (unplug and plug back in, maybe swap out a sensor). Maybe there's still some that just want a big, dumb tractor to pull heavy stuff back and forth with no fuss. The Welkers come to mind as a good example. Heck, they should be given a new Big Bud as a demo. That'd be neat.
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Re: They are making a NEW Big Bud

Post by ValhallSN95 »

Fenixguy, this is why I buy and restore older vehicles. There's quite a market for people like us that don't want a rolling tablet.
Just like my buddy, that buys and updates older tractors cause a lot of farmers in our area want simple and easy to maintain machines.

I can't wait to see what the new big bud has to offer.
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Re: They are making a NEW Big Bud

Post by Sneaks »

Waiting for TVTOF
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