IRL Plow surprise

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IRL Plow surprise

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So I have been removing deciduous trees in front of my property to plant evergreens and create a 30 ft privacy hedge. Ripped 10 trees, stumps and all out with cables and pulleys and my tractor. Now I am removing roots. Started with a sub soiler to break up all the big roots and then was using my double moldboard plow to bring the roots to the surface so I can level the ground for a nice seedbed for my hedge and ground cover. While plowing I heard what sounded like a gunshot. Turns out the above ground power lines that feed my house and my neighbors goes underground at my pole and heads to the two back lots. I just cut a 66,000 volt power line that was close enough to the surface for my plow to hit it.
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Re: IRL Plow surprise

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Yeah as a construction worker and a farmer I would tell you anytime you’re doing any kind of digging, even tillage, some where you haven’t before you gotta call 811 to get locates. You got off easy with the power line since you’re still among the living and generally the power companies are decent. They might charge you they might not depends on the power company. Now if that was a major fiber optic cable you might be looking upwards of $100,000 in damages and to fix it. I would also comment that generally they put those in the state/county/city/township right of way. You don’t want to plant your hedges there. If they ever redo the road they’ll rip them out and you’ll get nothing since they already own that right of way. I’ve ripped out many a disgruntled homeowners trees because they planted them in the right of way. Years of work and growing gone down the road in a side dump in about two minutes.
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