help with vertex colors for roads

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help with vertex colors for roads

Post by lancy »

Hello,im wondering if anyone can help me plz.

im trying to get the frost appear on roads like on elmcreek but for some reason it aint working.
ive added the color yellow with vertex paint in blender to the road mesh and added a 2nd uv plus i moved the mesh down 1 space on the uv grid..
ive added all the shaders thats needed in GE { vertex paint & terrain format shaders } & again nothing..little specs of snow appear thats it..
can this be done in blender or is it just maya.

can anyone tell me where im going wrong please.

Thank you

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Re: help with vertex colors for roads

Post by olahaldor »

Hi :)
In my experience I've not been able to export fbx with vertex colors. Very strange, it should work. So the best solution I have is to export as i3D from either Blender or Maya.

The colors you want are ( in RGB and linear values depending on how you type it in Blender or other software)
SNOW = 255, 0, 255 | 1, 0, 1
NO SNOW= 0, 255, 0 | 0, 1, 0

Those values work for me at least. :)
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