IRL Farming Experience

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IRL Farming Experience

Post by Helazak »

I have expanded my playing to surfing the mulitplayer servers making new friends, and it has struck me how many people don't know about the forum here, and how many people have zero real farming experience. Which I think is great (the zero farming thing). And I was just curious what the experience breakdown was in the player base. Does Giants ever do surveys? I have never seen a surveymonkey anouncement. They have got to have some Idea who is buying their games. Right?

I was thinking of asking if you have ever used the forum just to be funny.

What is your Real Life farming experience?
0. Zero
5. I work in the farming industry ; own a working farm/ranch; I have a degree in one of the Ag Science fields

Not sure what to put for 1, 2, 3, and 4 and am open for suggestions.
"Working grandpa's farm every summer" is probably a 3 or 4
"I bought a house with property and bought a tractor and am trying to learn" might be a 2+ which describes me.
Where do you put a crazy dedicated back yard gardener. Above or below the summer at gramp's. More growing but less equipment experience

If we change the definition along the way and you have already answered feel free to go back and edit.
FS22 on PC, FS14, FS16, FS20 on iPhone Not a gamer. Most gamer jargon goes over my head.
Started playing for the education about farming.

Amateur (noob) Farmer 5 mostly forested acres
Tractor: Kubota M4900 (54HP), w/ Loader bucket and forks
Attachments: log splitter, Chipper/shredder, finish mower, scrape blade, rock rake, double moldboard plow, rototiller, Garden Bedder
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Re: IRL Farming Experience

Post by UncleRico »

I put mine at a five. I grew up farming, we started with a dairy then repurposed our barn for hogs for a few years later. The bottom fell out of that market in the 90’s so we gutted the barn and used it basically as a glorified wind break and fed out steers for ten or so years until the price of corn went up pretty high. We sent them down the road and switched completely to crop farming. Currently I’m buying as much property as I can trying to expand some and am completely taking over. I also work in construction and we do a lot of work for the ag industry so I get both sides. I clean lots of ditches, build pads for buildings, dig ditches, and install pipes just to name a few. We also use tractors to do some of our work which is always fun because I get to play with expensive toys I normally wouldn’t get to as a smaller farmer. I spent all weekend taking down grain bins that someone wanted to get rid of to expand my storage so I don’t have to sell so much off the field. So basically I touch or have touched a little bit of everything to do with ag. Great idea for a thread by the way.
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Re: IRL Farming Experience

Post by DirectCedar »

Helazak wrote: Sun Feb 11, 2024 5:41 pm
I sit at 5 as well, following a somewhat similar life trajectory to UncleRico. I worked on both my grandparents' and my parents' farms from about age 4 starting off hauling an ice cream bucket of chop to feed steers, until many years ago buying the family operation from my parents. Like many farmers, I worked off full-time for many years in addition to running the farm, in the field of agricultural and mechanical engineering, and in ag research and project management. Finally a few years ago at age 41 I was able to cut back to roughly 0.4 in my off-farm work, and draw the majority of my livelihood from the farm.
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Re: IRL Farming Experience

Post by Guil »

I'm a 0 lol. Fwiw, I think you have 2 and 3 backwards above in your examples
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