control hud missing

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Re: control hud missing

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WOW. That is one heck of a lot of mods. I completely agree with you removing all your mods and only putting back what you use/need.

I am not going to bother going through the list you have there as it is a bit of a waste of time if you don't use half the mods anyway. Also probably at least 50% of the mods either had problems, were mod PACKS that needed unzipping (hence they would not have worked) or were not named correctly i.e the name of a mod can only use the following characters; "_, A-Z, a-z, 0-9" and the first character of the name cannot be a digit.
So I suggest to remove all mods except for the ones you either NEED or USE. Don't expect it to solve the problem but it is highly likely it will. But once you have removed everything you DON'T NEED or USE then run the game again for a second and then save and quit and repost your log.txt here. It should be a lot shorter than the first time. :lol:

Also make sure that one of the mods you DO remove is the "weight station" mod as it seems to be causing a big problem.
Next, it is recommended to never have anymore than 1 mod MAP at a time in the mods folder as built in scripts can conflict and cause issues.

Anyhow as I said, remove what you don't need, run the game for a second and then repost your log.txt here and it should be a fair bit smaller and easier to clean up if there is any issues.
What ever it is I just said; I could be wrong!
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How to find and post your Log.txt
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Re: control hud missing

Post by matchan3 »

i think i found it, scrowling through all that info saw the error. so i delected the cause of error and now I had my hud back. thanks for you help
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Re: control hud missing

Post by seo »

Now i've the problem. Actually 2700+ mods. All is ok, but my HUD of CoursePlay just started to BLINK when push the button (show and quick disappear).
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