Landscaping is shockingly bad!!!

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Re: Landscaping is shockingly bad!!!

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First time?
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Re: Landscaping is shockingly bad!!!

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lonewolf57s wrote: Mon Jun 10, 2024 1:23 am Does anyone know a better way to achieve a nicely flattened surface? I'm quite disappointed with the landscaping tools.
The tools are great if you know how to use them properly.
For flat surface use the flatten tool.
The colored circle can be adjusted in size. On first click, the center of the circle will define the height of your flat surface.
1. find height for your flat surface and press button.
2. Do not release the button!
3. drag the circle around until your surface is large enough
4. release button

If you need to stop in between, simply start again by pressing button while circle is on the already flattened surface.
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Re: Landscaping is shockingly bad!!!

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Im not too happy about the tools either, but my main issue isnt the tools but the lack of try and commit.

Would be great if you could do the change, and then have the option of paying X to apply or nothing to revert change
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