FS17 Mod pack Making

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FS17 Mod pack Making

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I am experiencing issues with my custom modpack. This is my first attempt at creating one. Everything works fine until I start a new game (with Developer Controls turned on). However, I encounter an error related to "dataS/scripts/utils/StoreItemsUtil.lua". I have tried to locate the file but have been unsuccessful. How and where can I find it, or how can I fix this issue?

Additionally, I am trying to add a custom brand to the mods in my modpack to make it easier to find my branded mods. Could you please take a look at my modpack's modDesc.xml?

Please and thank you so much!

<modDesc descVersion="37">
<title>My FS17 Mod Pack</title>
<description>This is a mod pack containing multiple mods for Farming Simulator 17.</description>
<author> Name </author>
<name>Custom Brand NameS</name>
<image>Custom Brand Icon </image>
<category>My Custom Store Category</category>
<!-- Add more store items as needed -->
<modName>Mod vehicle Pack 1</modName>
<modFile>Mod vehicle Pack 1.xml</modFile>
<modName>Mod vehicle Pack 2</modName>
<modFile>Mod vehicle Pack 2.xml</modFile>
<!-- Add more dependencies as needed -->
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Re: FS17 Mod pack Making

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Topic locked since there is already another topic for the same issue by the same user: viewtopic.php?t=207046

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