General Forum Rules (updated 23/02/17)

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General Forum Rules (updated 23/02/17)

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General Forum Rules

This board is a place to come together with people of different origins, nationalities and nature. Therefore, we would like you to stay within certain rules. The forum team (Moderators) will ensure the compliance of these rules.

The mutual consideration is important. The fact that this is an internet forum and you are not "real" faces, does not relieve you of the basic rules of human social life and a modicum of manners.

Failure to follow these rules will be punished usually with admonition, warning or a ban. For serious infringements, or suspicion of wantonness in violation, we reserve the right to terminate the account. Closures of accounts are always tied to a person. If an account is banned, no other forum account may be created by the same user.

Each user is allowed to only have single account for this forum. If multiple accounts with the same IP are found, they might be locked. If a roommate needs to access the forum with the same IP address as an other account he has to inform the administration about it.

Posts with racist, illegal, violent or adult content is prohibited. This also holds for the contents of avatars, signatures and references.
The forum team may censor or delete inappropriate content.
Please keep in mind: there are also younger forum users.

Spam is strictly prohibited in the forum.
Spam includes, but is not limited to, useless threads, posts with the same content in different areas (cross-posting), meaningless topics and similar content.

If a thread or post is regarded as spam, it can be deleted or closed. If appropriate, the creator thereof my be cautioned.
Users that constantly spam a thread or violate the rules in any other way may be excluded from the given thread. The corresponding user is informed about the taken actions by a personal message (PM) and/or a post in the relevant thread. If the user continues to spam in the relevant thread, the user may be blocked from the forum.

Reopening a closed / existing threads is prohibited and may be punished with a forum block.
In case an already closed subject needs further discussion, inform the user who closed the thread, or an other member of the moderator team. If there is an open thread with your topic, post your comments to the existing thread instead of opening a new one.

Before posting a contribution, decide which sub-forum fits best. In case of doubt, a moderator may be questioned. Further, please use the "Search" function of the forum to find similar threads before you create a new thread. If multiple threads are created with the same content, the moderators can close individual threads or merge them. Also consider the threads marked as "Important".

Only the thread creator is allowed to request the thread to be closed, e.g. by writing a post with the content "Moderator please close" or by using the "close" smiley.

Re-posting replies / content that is clearly or already apparent in previous posts is not allowed and will be considered as post-hunting.

Posting links to the direct download page (especially is not allowed. It must be linked to the original or forums page, where the download link was provided. Excluded are links to Log.txt or other documents that you uploaded yourself.
Advertising mods and scripts are allowed, but neither GIANTS Software nor the forum team assume take up responsibility for external content, especially not for their subsequent errors, completeness and/or compatibility.

The support team is not required to give support for mods.

Discussion of moderation actions is prohibited in the public sections of the forum. If you have questions or wish to appeal, reach out to a moderator or a member of the community team.

Insults are generally prohibited in the forum. This includes any form of defamation, incitement, defamation and the like. It is also not allowed even if self-censorship is applied (***** or § $!% $ &). It is prohibited to bypass all and any words that are censored.
Also bashing and boycotts are prohibited. Please try to keep a decent tone.
Complaints about other users may be directed to the moderators. If you have a problem with a moderators decision or action in a thread, send them a PM, don't question it in the thread. Complaints about moderators can be sent by PM to the administration.

Violations or requests for violations of "the German law" can lead to exclusion from the board. We may take legal actions, if appropriate.
Prompts for violations of the rules of the game or advice on how to bypass may result in disqualification from the board.

In this forum it is prohibited to post or ask for CD keys, cracks, hacks, warez, No-CD Patches and the like or links to website providing such content. Furthermore, it is prohibited to talk about games / programs that are banned in Germany / Switzerland / Austria.

Please observe these rules so that everyone can have a nice time in this forum.
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