Few Questions about Updating

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Few Questions about Updating

Post by Omaha » Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:14 pm

I am recently started playing the free FS14 on my Galaxy Tab & really enjoy it alot & had a few questions before I purchased FS16.

Is the new version based on the same land map? are they any major differences, I see that we can grow a few more crops, im just wondering if im better off completley starting over with FS16 since i'm only a few days into this one & haven't made any paid purchases yet in this one.

What are the in-application purchase amounts? are they basically the same as FS14 ?

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Re: Few Questions about Updating

Post by Navan » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:53 am

It is a brand new map and in app purchase is only for in game currency. I rather like FS16 over 14 myself.

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