Questions about Bales

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Questions about Bales

Post by Omaha » Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:17 am

RE: Farm Simulator 2016 (Mobile Version)

Hi Again. I'm having a blast playing this... i, so happy I upgraded!

I started building a stockpile of hay bales, before I start feeding the cows & pigs & I would like to get a good pile, is there storage for bales? how many bales can I have at any one time? is it okay to just leave them laying around?

Right now I have them scattered on the ground beside the field & but its frustrating that I need to shove them around with a tractor? is that really the only way to move bales around? I have the bale loader but it will only unload them at the barn!.. I want a bale fork for my tractor! please!!!

Are there any attachments or buckets available for the tractors? ...

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Re: Questions about Bales

Post by Navan » Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:15 pm

The autoloader is it for storage. Also you do not want too many loose bales or you will lose them when more are created. Not sure what the limit is, but I had over 20+ laying around before i went to connect and found many were gone(primarily noticed it due to straw bales that i knew i had created being gone).

For storage i can only recommend owning 3 autoloaders for storage(with maybe 1 extra for active use). Do know that you do not have to collect after mowing and if you don't windrow, you'll just have clippings pile up(windrow makes nice neat lines, but resets the clippings). No clue if there is a limit, but it's a way to store clippings without balling or collecting in a loader. *This is assuming it's not counted as a bug and has since been fixed.

Also remember that if you keep the loose clippings stocked, cows and sheep will use them first before touching the bales. As a result this is why i feel you really don't need more then 3 autoloaders for storage purpose, 2 holding hay, one holding straw. That way if you have to let the animals slip and they start using bales, you'll have enough backup on hand. Plus bales while more efficent, can't be used at the biogas, and that place is worth keeping stocked since it reduces fertilizer costs(manure is generally good too, but I've not examined costs as well here).

Oh and if you want, bales do auto sell when the animals are fully stocked. Loading them is a chore, but at least it's a means of profiting. Plus the hired help at least will unload the autoloader.

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