Running out of fuel?

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Running out of fuel?

Post by ozcomz » Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:37 pm

So I'm asking this question because I haven't seen it in the forums yet. In FS14 you get a fuel trailer to fill up your tractors/harvesters when you run out of fuel. I just bought FS16 for android about a week ago, and I don't see a fuel trailer in the shop. So what happens when you run out? I read somewhere that in FS15 you get fueled automatically and charged for the fuel in this situation. How does this work in FS16? Would have liked to see a fuel trailer.

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Re: Running out of fuel?

Post by Navan » Sat Sep 24, 2016 4:29 pm

I've not done it, but my understanding is you go really sloooow. There is always the hauler trailer too. It can pick up any vehicles as long as they're not pulling a trailer. Note combines can keep their header and it will auto store on the trailer. Further i think the station will refuel a trailered vehicle iirc.

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Re: Running out of fuel?

Post by hasab » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:11 am

Here in FS16 there is no fuel trailer, but it would be a good idea to have it in the shop.

So if you run out of fuel, there are two gas stations on the map, one is on the west side area, and one is on the south east area of the map.
If your vehicle runs out of fuel:
1., it will automatically drives itself to the nearest gas station and fills up the fuel, then goes back to the place where it started from and continues the work, IF it was working on some field or had any job to do automatically.
2., you can manually drive any vehicle to the fuel station,
3., you can send the vehicle to fill up itself by opening the map and tapping on the fuel icon on the bottom right area of the map, but only when you are "sitting" in the actual vehicle.
Note: you need to have some money on your bank account to fuel up your vehicle.

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